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I am doing a research report on Operating Systems in my Masters Degree. I need your kind comments on the following topics, so that I can add them into my research report.

A small comparison among operating Systems. (Windows 200, Windows XP, Linux, Linux, Mac OS). you can compare the OS you have used, experienced or studied.

Comparison can be in the form of Ease in use, User Interface, Security, Installation, Stability, support.

Also I am including a Poll with this post so that you can rate the operating system of your choice.

Please try to put as much information as you can, and comparison should not be biased.


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Which version of these operating sytems are we talking about?

I have to say that I like all of them, but for different reaons:

I like Windows for 2 reasons: It's really good for gaming, has both DirectX and OpenGL support, etc. The other and larger reason why I like it is because Microsoft really catered to the developers when they built it -- I have yet to see a development tool for any other platform that's as powerful as Visual Studio.

I like Mac OS X because it's very unified -- there's only one machine it runs on, which is great because Apple's designers only have to worry about one machine. Oh and I really like the UI.

Linux is cool because, well it's open source, and how much cooler can you get than that? But aside from that "reason", usually why I use it is because it gives me more power under the hood, so-to-speak. And the applications written for Linux far outnumber Mac OS X.

I've never used Unix directly, but I've used FreeBSD which can almost be considered Unix (well, not quite). I also like the fact that it's unified, which is perfect when trying to deploy applications, or simply trying to download that latest cool new program that I discovered.

Windows!!! (98se to be exact)

I use Windows XP and Vista for my home operating system, not because of it's userability and interface, rather because 99% of all programs are made for XP and I need this compatibility for all the programs I use on a daily basis.

Personally, I'm not a Mac fan, so they don't have viruses, big deal. If your not ignorant then your not going to have a problem running XP. It took me 6 fresh starts on XP until I finally got the hang of it and I haven't had to start a fresh Windows XP in over a year now, because I know how to maintain my system.

I'm also the CTO over at a hosting company, we use Cent OS which is a distro of Linux, and it is very nice. We have had servers running without even a need for a system reboot for 3 months. We keep the system up to date on it's kernel, control panel and other system updates. No problems with it, I'm sure if we were using Windows as an OS for our servers then we might run into some problems.

Linux has become widely successfull because it's the only OS that is open source, allowing the whole world to see what grinds its gears, therefore making it the most secure operating platform in today's thriving economy.

I like Windows :)

I like linux because its open source and very fast. As a non conformist, windows and macs have a very big brother feel to them and seem to be against choice. I am outraged at microsoft for included drm in vista and I consider it wrong. Genuine Advantage is also morally and empiraclly wrong. Linux supports choice and freedom while microsoft and macs support industrial control, and non open source software. (GNU is the only system and linux one of its kernels)

I just think Windows is easiest.

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