>Hey dani, are you mormon?
I do believe she's Jewish.

I assume shes jewish as horowitz is a jewish name isnt it?


The mormons and I have very different opinions... I go to the Church of God... but we too believe in the second coming of Christ.

hmm. yea, I don't quite believe everything the mormons say either:D


Hello ppl

Sorry for sounding totally of topic ...... but plz can someone out here actually tell me .... what is a mormon?

I might be sounding a bit silly , but seriously i've herad this one the first time.




mormons are members of the LDS church. This link should tell you more about them. And, by the way, I'm mormon, so ask me if you don't understand anything.


I believe i posted a link for the UK version of that site earlier in case anyone wants a more region-specific version.

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