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Everyone, have a look at(if u want to) the flash movie in the follwing page:


And let me know how u feel...

I got some serious issue with this one.

its a flash animation...is there really any reason to have an issue with it?? i mean its just supposed to be funny. i dont have a problem with it, and i hope to see the finished product cause it looks like its gonna be funny...


First let me say that I neither endorse nor reject any sentiments that might be found in the Flash animation.

Next let me say that I never bothered waiting for the animation to load, as the site linked to generated pop-ups even through Mozilla's checking and blocking routines! Any site which uses deliberate techniques to bypass a popup blocker merits suspicion and rejection.

Thirdly, let me say that I can't for the life of me understand why an objection is being made to the animation anyway, given that the first news item visible on the site when I looked was this:

Note to Religious Zealots: You won’t enjoy this trailer. Don’t put yourself through the torment of watching this sacrilegious filth. I’m not even sure why you’re surfing Newgrounds, everything here is offensive.

Surely that's warning enough?


I certainly love a good laugh, and it looks like that will provide one. I can't wait for the whole thing!


any reason to resurrect this 3-year-old thread?

damn.. people need to quit resurrecting the dead in this forum lol..

Lol. Newbs!

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