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>me relocating, any new neighbours?
Well, I guess you're a little closer to Canada... ;-)

Why the move? Did war and stuff get in your way?


well, mostly it was the invitation and the generous offer. and since Canada wasn't as important as moving out of Israel, I took it :) the company takes care of everything, even accommodation for the first month so not to take it would be simply stupid :)

as for the war... I've seen enough of that for the rest of my life - three years in a combat unit and being wounded twice are enough IMO :)

btw, I keep meeting US soldiers on a leave from Iraq here in Tel Aviv, in a pub I go to often - great ppl


The big company would not happen to be Symantec would it? If so, great bunch of folk and nice offices in Dublin as well.

I don't live in Dublin but have visited often. Great social environment, good cafes/bars and excellent beer if you like the whole Guinness type stout thing.


well, after Israel's sun it should be refreshing, I don't like the heat much.

as for the beer, I persobally prefer Czech beer, like Velkopopovetzky Kozel or German, like Hoegaarden, but Irish whiskey has always been a fave, especially Tullamore Dew :)

and the company is Dell, not Symantec :)

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