I'm a longtime journalist rapidly turning into a newbie SEO, from Istanbul/Turkey. After starting to get in these SEO things I find it hard to use the computer for my real job. Hope I'll start earning some money from it because I'm afraid I will loose my job in the near future.
I found this forum quite coincidentally while I was searching for some high PR directories to submit my blog. Although I didn't notice it at first sight now I see from the figures that it is a really large community.
If so many people are hanging out here then I'm sure there are many valuable things to learn or to share.
Hope I'll be around and get to know you!

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Welcome to daniweb. Enjoy your stay :)
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Welcome to DaniWeb Maraze. Yes, you will find many smart people here and not only you will learn from them, you will be able to give them back a lot too.
With all your experience, you may well turn out to be a valuable asset of this community.
Have a nice stay here.


Thank's to all of you for your kind wellcomes! Sorry I couldn't comeback earlier...
And to happygeek: I am very glad to meet another journalist online! I am an old journalist too (15 years) looking for new excitements online :) !

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