>or they spend ages in the games forum posting on the counting game *cough* christina *cough*.

I have something to say about this insinuation. It's not Chistina's fault or any others that they post in the counting numbers if they choose so.
It's Daniweb's that doesn't make any differentiation between game posts and other forums'. And at the other hand. Who the heck cares?.

Votes + Comments
Yup. I agree.. There's nothing wrong with games =)
Thank you.

Yeah, if anyone wants, they can go to the posting games too. I get too bored before I really care that much about my post count.


The only real 'spammers' are those who either have been hear a long time to gather up the amount of posts, or they spend ages in the games forum posting on the counting game *cough* christina *cough*.

Geeks' Lounge
247 of 25,153 posts
Posting Games
208 of 28,699 posts

^ Hmm... well it looks like you're on the same page as me. I just have more time on my hands.


evidence im not a spammer:

I have 6000+ posts, with only 1,422 in the geeks lounge and 562 in the posting games and 358 in community feedback and i probably have a few in the introductions forum too

therefore one can infer that i spend most of my time in the tech threads (winxp, distro, network, spyware and dead machines, mainly)


In one of the other threads. The great books thread I think. Someone got a Daniweb account just so they could make one post about trying to sell a whole bunch of junk for his company.


Yeah.On my site,their are a lot of spammers thet come on and try to sell viagra and stuff.Sometimes it's porn.Man that stuff p***** me off.

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