Last a buy a dvd/cd-rw from one people to replacing with my defect dvd drive.

So, when I replacing and start my laptop.

It meet a error like this;

IDE #1 Error

How can a solve this problem. Who can help me I need to quikle work with my computer as soon as it can.

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Wow you really need to learn English! What is a "quikle" & "Last a buy a"?

Okay,firstlty have you set it to master or slave?...

secondly, have you connected power cable?

Remember this is a WORLD with many different languages...

We can overlook someone trying to communicate in a language foreign to them
faster than we can overlook a a wise crack from someone that dosen't use spellcheck

"Okay,firstlty have you set it to master or slave?..."

What type of Laptop?

Is the replacement the same make and model?

You may need to go into CMOS setup...

Are there jumpers on this Laptop DVD?
Not all do...

Is there a drive power cable on this Laptop DVD?
Not all do...

Search topics here for "Dreaded IDE Error #1..."
It might have helpful info...

My english is not very well but I try to understand you.

The model of my laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite pro.

I dvd drive hasn't a mater or slave.

It has only a interface to connect to the motherboard.

Is this information enough.


If you pull out the CD does your laptop boot?

If you pull out the CD does your laptop boot?

I see mainly two kinds of solutions for this problem:

1) Flashing the firmware
Most of the CD/DVD drives for laptops that are sold retail are on cable select mode as default. Toshiba Laptops, as others, use the secondary IDE Channel on master for their optical drives, so the solution is to change the setting from Cable Select to master. For this, you will need a firmware update and a real dos environment. With luck, you can find a firmware update that is able to be run in windows, but that will be rare. This is the first way to get rid of the "IDE #1 Error" message on booting.

2) Create your own jumper
To make a jumper that will shift the cable select setting to a master setting, you need to fix together with a tiny cooper cable the pins 47 and 45 of the IDE adapter of the optical drive. You can do it clean (you will find informations about this in here (in german, but has very explicit pictures) but you can do it dirty, that is a 5 minute version of the clean way. I took a tiny cooper cable from an old telephone cable, fixed it on the pins 47 and 45, and plugged the drive in. It works perfectly, though it is not the ideal solution.

I've had bad luck with DVD writers myself. Only the third drive I got worked, the other two never worked at all (they were faulty right out of the box).

Have the drive checked by the manufacturer or return it for a refund if possible and get one direct from Toshiba to replace it.
May cost you a bit more but you get their service and support and most likely a higher quality unit too.

On a similar note:

I have a Toshiba Satallite Pro 4300. Nothing has been changed out since it was purchased. At that time, everything was working properly. I think I noticed it in November of 2005, though I didn't know what it meant, I started seeing an IDE # 1 Error every time I boot the computer. Since nothing has been changed, does anyone have a suggestion?

all say that shotcurcuit ing some pins will help...

but i wonder why my old drive is causing the same error now....

There are alternatives to soldering pin 45 and 47. All you have to do is open it up, use a #2 pencil and bridge them. If you have a conductive pen, that will work even better. The good thing is that if you need to restore it, you can just "erase" the bridge off/ :P

I bought a NEC ND6750A for my Toshiba Dynabook (japanese model). Since NEC ships the drives out as slave and controlled via firmware upgrades, I was kinda out of luck. If you bridge 45 + 47, that puts the device in master mode, else it would be in slave mode.

hope this helps.

Muchas gracias FINNEGAN por tu consejo para solucionar mi problema con mi laptop Toshiba A15 SP1002. Le cambie el lector óptico y mi máquina no lo reconocio, hasta que encontré tus consejos y la página en Alemán que contiene gráficas muy explícitas. Nuevamente, muchas gracias.

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