Hi ,

I need to do hard recover for my pc ( compaq presario ),
as my messenger connection is not working , all other internet work well ,please share an idea how to do ???

thanks a million,


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Hi Zzalatt what is you OS?

If you run Windows XP the only option because the dos command system restore will not store dates available, you can only tap f8 upon startup and choose last known good configuration.

If you have a Fat 32 filing system you can boot to a startup disk and run scanreg /restore from C:\Windows dir.

Here is a link on Microsoft that you might get some more answer for this:


Let me know if I can help you further good luck

RueB 2s De.


Not really because restoring your system can cause alot of hassels and time.

You are opening yourself up to potential viruses that were released prior to the Windows updates. Also any updates needed for your Hardware.

That should always be the last resort.

Its actually a startup diskette that has the command of scanreg /restore
This is only available on Windows 98, ME diskettes.

For windows XP it's different. Thats why I am wondering rather then confusing you more, What Operation System (OS) do you run?
Windows XP, 98 or ME?

RueB 2s De.


are you talking about msn messenger? because it might just be a firewall setting or something.


It is Window xp

and i am talking about msn and yahoo messenger


huh? does zzalatt want to reinstall his os, or does he want to repair it? Either way, you need to insert your windows xp bootable cd into your computer..


heres the real cycle:

1. repartition
2. reformat
3. install
4. make your system work
5. you have changed your system so much it now only half works
6. install again and again and again and again until your a pro at *nix


I have never had any problems installing linux in the past.. And I have used many distributions (red hat, debian, ubuntu, I forget the name of the first one I installed =/). Ubuntu is by far, the best ;).


haha.. yea, thats true. It helps you out a lot if you don't really know what you are doing.. However, it is the distro that will give Microsoft the most competition.. The easier linux is to understand and work properly, the more people will switch over to it.


Ubuntu is good for getting a system set up quickly. Plus its only 1cd.

Debian is better if you have the time as its more tweakable. I always do netinstall then apt-get every package i need and tweak them


yeah when I used debian I just installed the base system and just installed every package I wanted.

I always do netinstall then apt-get every package i need and tweak them

Why not aptitude install?


i dislkie aptitude. apt is better.

e.g to install and configure a whole LAMP server:

apt-get update

apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql phpmyadmin ssh

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