Hi all

I know this is most likely in the wrong section but after 30 mins thinking it over I decided this might be half right.

I'm a designer for a call centre in Thailand and they have asked me to find out how they extract data from the web, which will be used in campaigns. But as a designer I dont have the first clue.

I will give the example my boss gave me. if they are doing a campaign on veterinary's in Hong Kong, so they will need numbers to call to do the questionnaire.

I'm not a programmer, or professional data extractor, but I have to solve the problem.

The way I think I can do it is to find online directories and then use a data extraction software to collect the numbers to a database.

but it seems very time consuming and manual, is this the only way to do it or am I missing something.

Thanks in-advance

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That's some extremely shady business practices your employer wants to use.
Automatically searching websites for semi-random phone numbers (and possibly other contact information) in order to blindly call people with marketing offers is no better than spambots searching usenet and forums for email addresses for their victim databases.

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