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ah, yall go on vacation together? wow..

Yea, I probably won't be on much next week either as I am having a hell of a time writing this damn day trading program..

l8 sk8 lol :)


Heh. Careful.

I did that with my wife before we were married -- went to Wisconsin Dells -- and she thought it was the weekend I was gonna pop the question. [edit]That wasn't when I did.

[edit=2]Hm. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that(?).


Well she's coming with me and my family :D odd setting for a proposal.. (ah! she'll never expect it!)
jk. :P


Sprints for cross country? Our cross country team only competes in one event, the 5k (3.1mi).

But yeah we had fun. The hills in Pennsylvania are killer to run up but it gets you in shape. We also canoed in a river for 17 miles and hiked about 8 miles to a camping area. It got tiring.


Yea, my mistake.. Cross Country was the long races in parks and stuff.. I sucked so much at those, I can run pretty fast, but I have no endurance whatsoever. I usually did 100,200,400m in track. But, I was never awesome at that either.


I never tried 100 or 200 so I don't know if I might be good at it or not but I've done a couple 400's and I wasn't that bad I guess. I prefer the 800 over everything. When I swim I do better at the sprints. 50free and 100breast. I'm better at swimming which makes me think I might be better at running sprints than running distance.


Yeah, it's usually just us three and paramasivan right? I don't even play them as much as I used to.

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