I'm going to an art school, majoring in fashion design. Most students get a mac, but we are required to get a PC.

I need something light to carry around (14"-15.4") with me in the city, preferrably 2GB of memory and 200GB hard drive because I'll have tons of images and music..and that runs on XP (vista is too much of a memory hog) I'll be running regular programs and also design programs.

Anything out there that'll be worth the money I'll be spending? I was looking into getting either a HP or a Sony but someone told me I'd get more for my money with a dell? but then someone else told me Dell's arent any good.

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Actually I believe hp gets the most for your money... Dont no your price range put my I am extremely happy with my dv6000t. View my bio for its specs... It cost about $1600.

Yeah thats about my price range. I'm finding that most notebooks come with vista and dont give the option of XP. should I just wipe out the vista and put XP on it when I get it?

I tried installing xp on my laptop... it doesnt recongize my hard drive... So I dont know...

Right Now at best buy there is a hp laptop that turns into a tablet. The screen turns around and can be made flat like the tablet pcs that we see around. It cost about 1000. The hard drive is only a 80 gig if I recall but you could get an external. THey also have a seagate free agent 500 gig usb 2.0 for 180. So add it up you are looking at 1300 or so after tax.


I read somewhere that Dell was offering xp as an opion on their machine. They stated that they were getting too many complaints on Vista.

I remember when I bought a computer for college back in 2001. I didnt know thing about XP and I wanted Windows 2000. Dell wanted to charge me $100 to downgrade the computer. I was like no way give me XP.

Vista is a great idea, but a bad design. I think the OS has been pushed out the door a year or two early. XP is great, I'lll be running XP for a long time until they get the bugs fixed. Plus the hardware requirements are completly insane. I run XP, Mac OS X and Linux. Each does its purpose and works great. Vista is trying to please to many people and I am sorry but Microsoft has really taken a lot from OSX and tried to provide similar features that look and function the same i.e Media player 11 = Quicktime.

So if you want to try something new get vista, if you want an OS that is more stable and offers similar functions get XP. Or get new mac and then duel boot XP on it for when you needs windows. My Mac Book Pro runs xp great. You can get a Mac Book cheap and you will have a great design computer and a XP machine in one.

As of now you can order a computer from Dell with XP installed. They will be shipping computers with XP until the first of the year.

When I bought my laptop from Dell (only a couple weeks ago) they had the option to order it with XP Pro installed and it comes with a Vista upgrade disk... this way you upgrade when you're ready and not a day sooner. :)

If you're going to be walking around with your laptop I would go get an XPS (starting weight - 4.3lb) and make sure you get accidental coverage on it. That way if someone bumps into you and you drop it... no worries; it's covered!

I think the only way to get XP on your system through Dell is if you shop in the Business section... but I'm not sure about that.

The XPS doesn't give the option of coming installed with windows--yet they give you 4 different options of vista.

I went on the HP forums and found that more and more people are trying to get help to get rid of the vista and get XP, since HP no longer offers the option of XP. I called their sales support but the guy didnt understand my question really (such a waste of time). Then, I did an online chat with HP support and she kind of explained to me how to install XP (something to do with installing SATA hdd drives first).

I'm really considering getting the HP, then XP off ebay (from a reliable seller ofcourse), and then ordering microsoft office standard through my school (only $57).

The Macbook seems great but too expensive right now.

before buying something from e-bay check your school, you may be able to buy XP for a discount at school. Then I would check out NewEgg,com.

>XPS doesn't give the option of coming installed with windows.

ah that figures; XPS isn't considered business class. If you want a computer with XP installed from the factory try looking at a Dell Latitude or something of the sort. Most business sections of companies should be shipping computers with XP till the end of the year; I know for a fact Dell is.

If I was buying a new laptop, I would get an Asus, or Sony. But for best buy would recommend an Acer laptop. I know people who have them, and recommend them highly. The laptops I've seen are great value for money.

I can't give any good links, because I live in the UK, and don't know where's best to buy in the US.

Regards, DaveB

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