hello, Im a newbie, and a very naive computer user. My name is judych. I live in Tasmania Australia..........
Ive had my computer for about three years now. Its a hotch potch of items bought in from different areas....and the setup is rather cute, its run well for me, despite the huge setting up problems we have had, and I am very attached to it. A technician came in,looked at it, and said" this is the morris minor when there are cadillacs out there to have?
I said to him....." Im a collector of morris minors........so there"......
and I am.
Ive just had a new (second) hard drive put in. The idea was to have the two.........one with windows xp, which I have already been using, and the new, bigger hard drive with linux, which sounded really good to me. The trouble is....now I have it home......I hate the program linux. It just not compatible with so many programs that I love using.
The old hard drive is so bogged down ...I was hoping to use some programs like "incredimail" on the linux....but, of course, I cant. So thats a major blow to me. Plus the fact that I cant access the media.....
christian radio stations, t.v. christian stations.....all that sort of thing. I got the new hard drive with all that in mind.....I know...I konw...I should have asked all the appropriate questions in the beginning......but I didnt........Ive learnt the hard way.......lol

so here I am, frustrated, not knowing much at all. But, about to remove the linux....and reprogram with windows xp tomorrow. A friend is helping me to do it. Is it very hard to do? (is this an understatment or not?)
I need all the advice I can get. The linux program that I have is feisty faun.
Thanks guys, and gals.......... judych

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i replied to this in your other (identical) thread

Welcome to Daniweb!

Welcome, Judych! :)

thanks so much for the welcome............boy, I mexhausted tonight. A friend and myself have been all day trying to delete the linex system from my hard drive............Im just so tired.....and we didnt succeed, no matter how hard we tried...........the computer system wouldnt let us in to delete it.
Im really discouraged tonight. Ive had some great replies from this forum so far, havent followed up yet with some things that have been asked of me. Havent had time to do that today......will look at that later on.
I cant believe that a system would be so hard to access.......
Im going to get rid of linux and put windowsxp on my hard drive......my second hard drive, that is. My first hard drive, which is old and loaded down ., has windows on it as well. I like that program, so Im going to use it again. and, its so hard, becuase I have not much idea of how the thing works, just plenty of enthusiasm about using computers. Thats why we are so discouraged tonight. We really did think that my friend could access and help me with this. She is pretty down at the moment.......and quite exhaused as well. She is staying for hte night, she is so tired;....weve been at it since about 11am this morning, without a break at all. jwe had lunch on the computer.....and its now after seven at night. That will tell you just how hard its been, and unfruitful. I cant believe its got us this way...........
I have the windows on c.d. to load onto the hard drive when its ready. Goodness knows when that will be..............
anyway, now Ive vented...........thanks for the great welcome. I know that I will learn heaps from these forums........and it looks like I need to learn, after today. I need help with this lol cheers judych

Hmm.. I'll have to look at your thread then, and see if I can help :)