The problem is setting the access point up to begin with. I insert the cd follow all the instructions and it gets to the point where it takes me to the router login page (I forgot the ip address but it takes me to it automatically so I assume it's the correct place it should be going) then the page times out, or says that the page can not be found, these are the only two messages I get. The setup I have is this: bellsouth DSL leading into my modem, my modem connected to the internet port on the wireless router and my PC connected to the wireless router from lan port 4. All lights appear to be correct with the instructions I received except when it comes time to login and activate the wireless itself. I have reset the router and retried the instructions several times with no success. Any suggestions? It seems the only thing stopping my progress is not being able to access this login site. Also the internet does work when plugged in directly from modem to computer. Thanks.

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Which browser and version are you using ?

I had problems yesterday with IE7 - it would not connect to router, had to use IE6.

Hope this helps


Try to find what the ip of the router is (usually something like

Try connecting to it manually, if that doesn't work then try this: Go to start-run-cmd. Type:
-See if there is any packets lost. Next, try to ping your router (after you find its ip).

Tell us what happens.

Hey! Thanks for the help, the IE6 did the trick.

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