I'm not sure if this is in the right section but if it's not, feel free to move this one... :)

I've been really trying hard to get the answers to those questions in our assignment but I can't, and our teacher didn't even explain! :(

SO if someone can help me out, I'd be really thankful. Our teacher wants a pseudo code and a flowchart for the questions. But a psuedo code alone is alright. :)

compute for the total bill for a customer in cafeteria
item prices:
input the number of food item and output the total food bill.
ex. rice=10
compute for the age in years, months, and days from and inputed birth.
compute 4 the area and circumference of a circle
compute for the area and volume of a cylinder
(those two seems easy but I have no idea how to put it in a psuedo code...

Thanks so much!

Post what you have so far. If you have been paying attention at all in class then you should have an idea how to write something in pseudo code. The forums are for getting help - not a magical homework completion service.