Until a couple of days ago, I had no problem seeing http://1337share.com in IE6 under WinXP. But now, the top of the page shows several boxes with a red x in them (as a placeholder instead of the pictures that should be there, even though I have "Show pictures" checked on Advanced Options, and don't have "Show image download placeholders" checked), and the rest of the page consists of a series of page-wide blank boxes of varying heights. Text appears in only one of them: Log in. If my mouse passes over a link, the text that would normally be displayed by hovering the mouse over that link then shows, and clicking on it does take me to that link's page, albeit with the same display problems. I'm attaching a screen capture. Ignore the screen capture program's icon in the center of the screen, which I couldn't figure out how to get rid of.

I tried it on another computer here at home that has a dial-up connection (this one has DSL) to the same ISP, and there, the page displayed perfectly.

This is the only site I'm having a problem with, and, as already mentioned, I never had a problem with it until a couple of days ago.

I tried adding it to the Trusted Zone, and I also added it to ZoneAlarm's list of sites, enabling mobile script, to no avail. In addition, I cleared out IE's cache and history, turned off the computer, and disconnected the modem, none of which solved the problem.

Given that it's just one site, a virus or spyware is highly unlikely to be the cause, and all scans for malware are negative.

I'd be grateful for ideas and suggestions.

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Welcome to the site :)

Looks like the page isnt loading completly... Try resetting your DSL modem.. (Unplug it and then plug it back in)

Good luck :)

Thanks on both counts (the welcome and the advice). As mentioned in my original post, I already tried that. Also, after I posted that description of the problem, I booted up another installation of WinXP (it's an older installation causing some problems, which is why I did a second installation - the one I'm now using) on the same computer (and, of course, the same modem), and the page loaded flawlessly there.

Well thats very good :)

How's it good? I don't use that installation of Windows anymore. The only reason it's still on my computer at all is as a backup - if anything ever goes wrong with my new installation, I won't be out of commission until I can reinstall Windows. (And we all know that reinstalling Windows is the smallest part of the job - it's tweaking it to get it the way you want, and installing all the programs you've come to be dependent on, etc. that constitute the major portion of the task.)

But I digress. The point is: I can't get to that page, and shutting down this Windows and rebooting the other one is too much of a pain just to access one site.

Sorry, I haven't looked at my post in a while and I didn't realize there was a new reply.

I haven't had a chance to implement your suggestion yet, but I will as soon as possible.

Does ccleaner add any functionality to deleting temporary Internet files that can't be accomplished simply by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files in IE?

Thanks for your help!

hello, not automatically,but you can set ie to empty temp internet file when you close the browser ,go IE ,open tools/internet options /advanced/scroll down to browsing ,and check box to delete temp files when you close ie ,or something like that ,

I'm aware of the option. What I was asking is: Do you gain anything by having ccleaner empty out the temp files rather than doing it through IE?

Thanks again for your help.

I'm aware of the option. What I was asking is: Do you gain anything by having ccleaner empty out the temp files rather than doing it through IE?

Thanks again for your help.

no,but ccleaner also does window temp folders and much more!

Understood. Thanks again!

My problem's been solved for me. I installed a new m/b, cpu & video card, rendering all my existing Windows installations inoperable. To make a long story short, I did a fresh install of WinXP, and the problematic Web site is once again displaying flawlessly.

Thanks again for the help, guys!

Glad ya got things taken care of :)

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