At www.e-books-download.net I have a problem with an ebook that is currently downloadable. At present the 40mb folder is zipped and shouldn't cause any problems. But, even though I have given very clear instructions on how to unzip the folder, covering the built-in extraction features of Windows XP and later OS, and how to install Winzip, for earlier OS, I still have people who get it screwed up and have all kinds of problems opening the folder.

Okay - because of these ongoing concerns - I have decided to try and devise a better way to download and open the ebook. But I prefer to stay within the following parameters:

1. No change to the same text format as generated in Front Page with frames.
2. No changes to basic design and layout of the ebook which contains 160 images, 102 pieces of music and 85 sound effects.
3. No PDF. Its format doesn't work with frames and HTML is needed for embedded SWF flash sounds.
4. No zip files to open. They are already making too many problems for customers.
5. It must be possible to download and save ebook to a PC and read it when 'off-line'.
6. The system needs to suit all OS and platforms.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks & regards....Bob

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