when a woman tells a (male) friend he should find a girlfriend, it's usually put as:
"there's plenty of fish in the sea", yet they also think said new girlfriend should have some "meat on her bones".
.... -.- .....
what kind of fish are we talking about here?

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boring now

boring now

What is boring?

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Today is not as bore as the whole holiday weekend. Life is back to normal.

**Fact is simply an individual's opinion that the majority do not disagree with.

There for a fact is always an opinion but one day your own opinion could become fact.**

That was way to philosophical for me, especially on a Friday!

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I'm gonna lose an hour of sleep.

If you don't have your alarm set then you won't lose any sleep at all.

<edit> unless you have a cat </edit>

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Living with ethical values is very important

good judgements come from experience and experience comes from bad judgements

99% of the people try to pull down you while you are acheiving success. Use them as your ladder..

If life gives you lemons just say they are apples and sell them on Fox News.

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The man that dies rich is a poor man at heart while the man who dies poor is rich at heart.
Carnegie said something like that.

If God is allpowerful, is it possible for God to create something even greater? If yes, then God is not the most powerful entity in existence. If no, then there is something that even God cannot do, therefore God is not allpowerful.

Infinity is a peculiar thing. In its most basic definition, it's a number representing the upper limit of the natural number system. This upper limit cannot be exactly grasped by human comprehension. After all, for every number, there will always be an even greater number. In order to even comprehend that unknown upper limit, it is represented by infinity ∞.

One of the Rules regarding ∞:
∞ + L = ∞ where L is any number: the upper limit theoretically should be the highest number, but since its true value is unknown, it is assumed that because it is so great, any other number would be so miniscule in comparison such that the result of adding such a number to it would be negligible.

Maybe God, like infinity, is a term that represents the upper limit of existence - an upper limit that cannot be fully comprehended by humans? We are not sure if that upper limit actually exists. We are not sure if there is a being in that upper limit. There is only our proverbial interpretation of that upper limit which is God. If this is true, God, as a representation, exists with respect to humans in the same way that ∞, as a representation, exists with respect to the natural number system.

Back to the questions about God's power. Can God create a being even greater? I would think so, because God is allpowerful. In the same way, any number can be multiplied or added by/to ∞. Would that result in God not being the most powerful entity? I don't think so. If God is like infinity, then anything greater than God would still be God itself.

Everything happens for a good reason

I can't imagine that my father-in-law's colon cancer and my brother's Alzheimer's happened for a good reason. All the young boys buggered by priests and the children murdered in Newtown? Things happen for a reason. Perhaps the cancer was caused by a diet too high in fats and too low in fibre. The murders were possibly caused by too easy access to guns and too difficult access to mental health care. Reasons? Yes. But good reasons?

And sometimes sh!t just happens.

if you had looked at what you didnt want to see,
you might have felt less of what you didnt want to feel.

If I hadn't have believed it I wouldn't have seen it - Ashleigh Brilliant

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I can't imagine that my father-in-law's colon cancer and my brother's Alzheimer's happened for a good reason.

My father brother (which is my uncle) also have Alzheimer. It's been 4 years now, he looks exactly like father and he doesn't recognise me at all and my aunt been taking care of him. I really hope there will be cure for Alzheimer sometime soon. So RJ hang in there!

He's not at the "I don't know you" state yet. He forgets where to put things that have been in the same place for years (like the phone book) and he has trouble driving in that he doesn't remember how to get places (GPS helps a lot). And he can't follow complicated directions, but conversation and personality wise, etc. he's still the same person. He's ten years older than I am so I suppose that puts me at risk as well. I'll get back to you in 2023 to let you know how that turns out ;-P

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Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day

Best reason for your failure is

You are standing under orange tree & expecting a mango
You should either change your expection or the tree.

All birds find shelter during the rain,
but eagles avoid the rain byf flying above the clouds,

problems are common but attitude makes the difference

I've finally figured out why I'm so confused all the time. My left brain has nothing right and my right brain has nothing left.

“Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live”

A poke in the chest moves the learner backwards, but a pat on the back will move him forward.