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Not enough opportunity for people who want the opportunity to change.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

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Life is what you make of it there for YOU make your own opportunities.

I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying.

If a programmer is not responsible for the long term maintenance of a system he builds, view him with suspicion. 80% of the blood, sweat, and tears of software occurs after it's been released - that’s where professionals are born.

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80% of the blood, sweat, and tears of software occurs after professionals maintain system that was builts. The rest of the 30% is when experts comes in and find a better solution that will make life easier for programmers and professionals.

It takes 110% for the software to function. Now you know how the last 30% is important.

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The probability of a software failure is inversely proportional to its desirability.

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You may have enemies whom you hate, but not enemies whom you despise. You must be proud of your enemy: then the success of your enemy shall be your success too. ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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It's a beautiful day for a ballgame... Let's play two! ― Ernie Banks

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Spring is here.

Did i remember my pants?

Americans are sick and tired of political gamesmanship.

In the discharge of the duties of this office, there is one rule of action more important than all others. It consists in never doing anything that someone else can do for you.

Men act out like they're horrified by marriage, but when they find the woman of their dreams, they love it.

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my time will never end.

Throughout human history, the apostles of purity, those who have claimed to possess a total explanation, have wrought havoc among mere mixed-up human beings.

Perhaps the thing that makes humans truly unique on Earth is that we are never satisfied with our situation; maybe that is what's taken us so far.

Thought and theory must precede all salutary action; yet action is nobler in itself than either thought or theory.

Woman's at best a contradiction still.

--Alexander Pope

Logic of time

When time never stops for us
Then why do we always wait for the right time?

No time is WRONG to do the Right thing!!

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What's for the dinner tonight?

where is my shirt?

Do i have what i need for this hour...

  • Computer [check]
  • Notes [check]
  • Daniweb [check]
  • Brain [circle]

Hmmm... one short...

Empty pockets teach million things in life


Full pockets spoil you in million ways

Goes into siblings room and says, "Wow, am I in narnia?"...

That was my thought of the day... first thought of this day.

tikhat(spicey) sev(don't know english word for this)
it look like this

When Quitting is not your attitude, Winning is just a matter of time.

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It really depend how much time is left before you realized you're not there yet.