If you can make an eye think then you can make another eye jealous, for it gets left behind. Just my p.o.v.(point.of.view.) due to jealousy being something that holds, not gives.
1. I never have to learn how not to envy, 4.My heart does not carry such weights.
To find your soul's purpose, you have to dig around the roots of the soul's life, and only uncover the history of the soil your soul sprung life from.
It takes only one sacrifice to win many, though in that race, God has won over 2,000 years ago.
Thanks to dani's web, my thoughts will remain with you, untangled.
If God cannot take care of life, then life will take care of God. Fair exchange for such a purpose.
Why take your time when there is no hurry to get somewhere?
Eat the rich and you leave the poor hungry.
Windows full of code are nowadays not only for programmers.
Surprise the youth with a random question on a regular basis and you'll be surprised at what you have to learn before asking them another question.
Unless it's a toy, don't take it out and play with it.
If it makes sense, read it more than once and think about it differently each time.
How is Disney Land this time of year? Travel & Abel?

If it makes sense, read it more than once and think about it differently each time.

If you read it again and again, and it doesn't allow you to think differently about it, then it is clear.
If you read it again and again, and it allows you think differently about it everytime, then it is mystical.
If you read it again and again, and it forces you each time to see it differently the next, then it is poetry.

commented: .impressed am I, for a .Clear and mystical impression, not poetry. (read that a few times xD) +0
.note to God: Choose once, choose twice, though don't fool me to choose for a third time; for I also have my own tasks to complete.
Without Liberty and Justice for All, I would be thoughtless about now.
Now and never, is for.n'ever now.
To balance my tots, I mean thoughts; In my heart I hold your heart, and in your heart, you hold .Me.
If you have no use for money, then what do you need other than your freedom from .us?
Adopt a tot after adopting this thought, then call it a day for a new beginning..., is yours, not mine to finish.
To differentiate my tots, I mean thoughts; I hold on to only one dream, for I do not dream, I live.
How do you alter an altar, if not done in the name of God?
A peaceful world in spirit is part of the principle of conscious life, without religion in it.
Plant a seed and you get a life, plant .Me and you waste your time if you are not a programmer.
For knight and day to continue my path, sunshine shall awaken me.
If it was not my world, I would not be sharing these thoughts with you today.
I think it's in all our bloods, to not bother with the difference of others.
Strap a brocolli to the side of your bed and dream about The Land of the Forgotten Pumpkins.
States divided are states of mind united.
Become a patriot for a day and become a day in patriotism.