A moment of introspection between two characters in an up-coming fan-novel I'm writing.

“You ever wonder if, maybe it’s all in our heads? Maybe everyone else is normal, and we’re the only a__holes here? You ever wonder about that?”
(Thoughtfully): “Yeah.”
"Huh." (Pauses) “And?”
“Me neither.”


From day1, starting.10years.ago, I have been retired from life. Only peace and quiet TypeOf(.mentality.) I can use to keep .My God given soul at peace. To only realize that sonar.based weapons can keep a kid in Hell, is nothing of a miracle, it is pure simple.reality; at least from .My point of view.
.since a thought is required, I shall try to provide, even if "sonar.dropped".

What is there to live for if I .canNot.ever.?


Have no fear, do not doubt, only believe that there is always something greater out there, even greater than .Me., especially If .Me ='s Life andAlso Life ='s God!.


As of today, I state the 1st2 applicable spiritual.laws.

1.Invasion of Privacy

2.Freedom of Speech

To clarify the spiritualizm, "In God We Trust" is beyond spiritual and the laws are beyond reality, both applicable to eternal.H8 if broken.



I cannot tell if I am .living or .dying, since already.dead, End already.living, End already.dying.

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You cannot believe in yourself, until you believe in God. That is, if you believe that Life is God, End Nothing Else.


To only try and remember what has been eternally lost, is to only start loosing .My self at the beginning of .My eternal.life.


To finally clearly understand the reason for my "sonar.based" disability, is that universal morons that do not stand for something as simple as faith(spiritually.defined), are trying to disect God himself.


To give birth to a Freedom of Speach, I must give it it's first breath of air, and define.IT forever, there: "I got hommies, I do not gut hommies.".

(listening to Dre&Kanye, uhhh!!!,nah!,na,na,na,nah!!!, Do While Loop <)


"Hide under a rock from God!", finally has a defined.meaning.

Since sonar does not have a heartbeat, as previously stated, it is an object, simply the "rock". Everything else, simply.defined.

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