“Life is really simple,
but we insist on making it complicated.”

To give a flower in life is better than putting flowers on grave!

Talent may be delayed but NOT denied.

"I had six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew. Their names were: Where, What, When, Why, How and Who."
(Rudyard Kipling)

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have thousand reasons to smile!!

Live as if ….You were to Die tomorrow …
Learn as if …You were to live forever ….

to let go someone doesn't mean you are weak.. it means you are stronger enough to let it go!!

Facts are stupid things.

Good thing that was an opinion rather than a fact.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness, didn't know where to shop.

I don't recall the source but the quote goes something like, "I've been rich and miserable and I've been poor and miserable. Given a choice I'd rather be rich and miserable."

Facts are stupid things.

Ah. You're a Republican then.

Be silent, or say something better than silence.

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"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."

Albert Einstein

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."

-Albert Einstein

it's not because you can not do anything, you do nothing. it is because you do nothing, you can not do anything.

" The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."
Author Unknown

"Make each day a masterpiece!"
Quoted possibly by John Wooden

Solve not just the problems today but also the problems of tomorrow today

make each day a masterpiece!

Live each day as if it were your last

Don't deal with an idiot, the more you deal with an idiot the more the idiot will drag you down being an idiot... then the idiot will feel greater than you :)... So don't deal with an idiot :)!

Real difficulties can be overcome.
It is only the imaginary ones
that are unconquerable.

A stupid man’s report
of what a clever man says
can never be accurate,
because he unconsciously
translates what he hears
into something he can understand.

'The elevator to success is out of order - please use the stairs'

I should have really done some work today, instead I stare looking at work that could have been done.

“You only live once,
but if you do it right,
once is enough.”

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Let me be clear. I understand very little, least of all the people closest to me.