This ain't far from home.

[19:04] Dave|elsewhere: Jeez. National news in my area.
[19:04] *** You are now known as Dave.
[19:04] Kimh: hi Dave
[19:04] Dave: Howdy.
[19:05] Dave:,2933,291790,00.html
[19:05] Dave:
[19:06] Kimh: wow. it said injuries but if no one died that's great
[19:06] Dave: I don't think this story is an hour old yet.
[19:08] Dave: Don't know if this is sorely overtrafficked or just not working...
[19:15] Dave: Ah. IE gets the video feed okay. My FF needs a plug-in.
[19:16] Dani: hi
[19:16] * Dave bows to the queen.
[19:16] * Dani courtseys
[19:19] Dave: Are you watching my last link, Dani?
[19:19] Dani: no i just got here
[19:19] Dani: lemme see ...
[19:19] Dani: omg goodness gracious
[19:45] Dave: My feed just died. And I've gotta feed the young'un...
[20:03] Dave: Some details I got from the local media...
[20:03] Dave: This happened about 6:05pm CDT.
[20:03] Dave: One dead that KSTP is aware of, CNN reporting 3.
[20:04] Dave: School bus kids: one called his mom on a cell phone to tell her he was okay.
[20:05] Dave: That's about it except for what the coverage has already shown.
[20:06] Dave: Some witnesses described as slow rumbling before the collapse.
[20:06] Dave: The bridge is about 65 feet above the water.
[20:07] Dave: There was construction on the bridge at the time, including jackhammers.
[20:08] Dave: There were about 50 cars on the bridge in bumper-to bumper 5-10 mph traffic.
[20:13] Dave:
[20:14] Dave: I guess I can shut up if you're watching the feed -- it seems merely delayed from the live coverage.

Walt -- you and your family okay?