My sister recently came back from college with her laptop & we wanted to set up her wireless router for it & for our new wii which has an internet browser. Its a D-Link Router & I installed it using directions from the manufactorers web site. Its connected to our cable modem & it took awhile to get it working & it finally did. Then one day it stopped working, the router would still send out a wireless signal but our family computer thats hooked up to the modem couldnt connect to the internet. I unplugged it, restarted everything (computer, modem, & router) but nothing seems to work. I even reset the router to the default settings & tried connecting it to the modem again bot nothing has worked. Im not a computer genus & need some help.
Any suggestions?

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Hmm.. your in luck, as I also have a wireless dlink router. I don't like it.. It will constantly disconnect my wireless internet, and I will have to go upstairs and unplug the damn thing.. wait a minute or two, and plug it back in. Dlink products always overheat like that.

I would have suggested you do this, but you already did :-/. Anyway, what is the dlink model number? Is it 802.11 super g? When you restarted it, you probably overwrote some settings that you had in place in order to connect to it in the first place. Does the laptop detect the wireless network in range? Also, check that the lights on the router are active.. that the WAN is green and the WLAN blinks, and the other lights blink as well..

Yes, the model number is 802.11g. The bad thing is to find help for my problem, i have to use the internet, & wehn i plug the router in, i cant exactly do that. But the one thing i do know is that my orange light on my modem has to be blinking for the internet to be working & the same thing goes for the status light on the router. When i turned the laptop on, it connected to the network after awhile, but then randomly got disconnected even thoguh i hadnt touched or was even close to the router...? I also know the problem isnt with my firewall because i disabled that & still wasnt able to connect.

hmm.. your model number isn't 802.11g, thats the IEEE standard.

Yes, dlink is known for sporadic disconnections. You simply have to disconnect the router.. wait a while, and plug it back in.. that should solve your problem until it happens again.

Okay.. do you have a WEP? A 'code' which allows access to your wireless network? I would suggest connecting your laptop to the router via ethernet (assuming your router has a built in mini-switch), and testing connectivity. See if the internet works.. If not, go to start-run-cmd. Type ipconfig /all and read me what it says.. Also try a loopback ping (type ping, and see if it gets 0% packet loss. Finally, type ping (Or whatever number it lists as your "Default Gateway"). Report the stats of these tests.

No, i dont have a WEP code, we had one but then we reset the router. But how would i connect my laptop through the internet with an ethernet cord?

Does your laptop not have an 802.11 a/b/g NIC? An ethernet port on it somewhere? Same with the router..

Yes they both do.

Then connect them with a straight through cable.

It does have a 0% packet loss, but I dont have a default gateway.

Well i just plugged the router back in & it actually worked!
Thanks for all your help,
but what if this happens again?
Do i just turn the router off(unplug it)?

Yea, turn it off for a little bit and then plug it back in.

Well thanks fer alll your help!

No prob :)

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