Hello everyone,
I am Stanley, but you can call me sj. I am happy to be part of this forum. I came across this environment while searching for answers to a vb.net programming problem. I solved my program issues on my own but was intrigued by the discussion threads while visiting this site. This is my first occasion in, what seems like a decade, where I am not attending any classes. I recently completed my Graduate degree in Computer Systems Management, with a specialty in Information Assurance. My undergraduate degree is in Computer Studies. I am a hobbyist programmer, an Industrial Electrician (30 years), a father, husband, and still grieving the demise of my golden retriever of ten years.

Currently, I am creating a calculation program for a jeweler friend of mine. The program converts weights of different precious metals to required weights of other selected metals, Wax to metal conversion, and a pricing mechanism. I forgot how much I enjoyed programming. I plan to become more active in the practice in the future. I will try to contribute as much as possible, but I am sure I will need assistance as well. I look foreword to working with and sharing with everyone.


Hi Stanley, nice intro - welcome to DaniWeb.