I'm new to Daniweb. My name is Lawren.

Education: attending Polytechnic University for Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering

Favorite food: very spicy food, rice, chicken, ribs, ice cream, oranges, strawberries, pizza, meat pies, lasagna.

Favorite music: classical, rock, R&B oldies and classics, bluegrass, Asian music (doesn't matter which country),...the list keep on going

Favorite season: winter, fall, spring

Favorite books: Harry Potter Series, LOTR, Child of the Forest, Outsiders

Favorite movies: LOTR, Sixth Sense, TMNT, Armagedon, Conair, Halloween, ... the list keep on going

Recent anime seen: Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha (both seasons, waiting for third season to end), Saiyuki (all seasons), Naruto Shippuuden ep 22-23

Favorite type of games: fighting and racing games, especially fighting games

current game console/hand held I own: PSP ( don't own any game consoles. Yes I know, sad)

dislikes: cigarettes, parties, rude people, very loud people, and arrogance

Basically I'm very practical. I have been told I am very eccentric by others but of course I think that's a gift. I only talk if I feel I have something to say, other than that I am extremely quiet.

Hi Lawren, welcome to DaniWeb. Nice intro :)