Would really appreciate any help.PLEASE PLEASE

I have Windows Xp professional

My Laptop was fine then I downloaded a program which was a bit dodgy. My computer started freezing so I restarted it and the following came up:

Smart error predicted backup files (etc)..........
Press f1

When I press F1 suddenly a new message comes up

Windows\system32\config is missing or corrupt use original backup disc and press r .........(etc)

Cd doesn't do anything, it doesn't even read it's in the drive.

The computer go's straight to the first message then press f1 go's to the next message and when u press any key it restarts again and doe's it all again.

Have gone all over the net. Downloaded UBCD4win but it won't make the iso file because of USBEHCI.SY can't be located (even though it's there)

Tried boot floppys from Windows and The original setup Winxp disc but nothing will get past the system32 error screen.

Have pressed f8 and tried all those options and nothing.

Am at my wits end, I don't care if I lose everything I just want it to work.

Please would really appreciate any help, is my computer stuffed? do i need a new Harddrive ?

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Welcome to Daniweb !
First of all do not ask support questions here.

Your computer is stuffed you need to re-install operating system.

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