Hello, I need help,
after dust cleaning my computer with celeron466, 256RAM, it will not boot through post at all, it will power up and just stay there with no screen and nothing.
re-sit RAM and try different video card with no luck.
Can anyone please help!! It is a big puzzle. Did I fried the CPU by accident by any chance, please advice.

Does it beep at all? Is the monitor snugly connected to the back of the video card? You sure everything inside the machine is snug?

What Did you use to Dust !!
Try removing and reseating the ribbion cables also !

Hi cscgal,
no, it does not beep at all, after it power up, hd light up for a sec, and goes off, then the computer just sit idle, with no screen and nothing.
checked on the video card and cable, its fine.
Took off all the cards and RAM and only the video, still would not go through POST.
Check everything, they all sit good.
Everything happened right after I dust clean inside.
I was wondering if I static kill the CPU, since I still got the power to the motherboard, it should be fine.
Please advice.

Hi, caperjack,
I clean it with a light brush, the paint brush, that is all i did, and i do that all the time too.
but this time is different, it give me a challenge.
Thanks for any input. This is my first time on the site too.

Did you remove and clean the CPU ,or just the fan .
There is the old process of elimination,removing all addin cards and booting computer and replacing one card at a time .also if you have more than one stick of ram remove one ,boot computer ,if nothing,replace and remove the other one

Hmm ... a brush ... is it possible for loose brush threads to get stuck on the motherboard or CPU breaking a circuit somewhere? (Very long shot)

Hello cscgal,
I will go back to give a closer look tonite, hope that's what happened. I will let you know how thing goes.

Hi caperjack,
I just cleaned the heat sink and the fan, and I also take every single add-ins and replace it one by one with no luck. the funny thing is it will not even get through the POST with the beep, so I am really puzzle with this one and I couldn't do must without any kind of interface, no graphic or command prompt.
I even removed every single thing and the CPU and still without any error sound and message, all I get is electrical activity, CPU fan running and that is it.
However, I will get a closer look on the motherboard tonite, hopefully with some good news tomorrow, one way or the other, thanks for the input and will let you know the result.

I had a similar problem yesterday. Basically I just took the case of my PC and attempted a boot again. It then beeped but made some strange noises. Disconnected from the mains again. Disconnected all fans (apart from the CPU one) and the CD drives. Rebooted. Beeped and got an error (getting there). Added each item back in one at a time (disconnecting and rebooting between each item). By the time I got to the end it works as good as before (Except I've lost sound somehow) Might have just been good luck but might be worth a try.

Hi guys,

I have an Abit BE-7 mobo, and an Intel Pentium 4 2,4 Ghz.
Yesterday I dust cleaned my mobo and CPU.

But now when I boot up my pc, it does nothing. Only my fans start rotating and there is a sound beeping (which is not normal). So nothing else happens, even my monitors don't start.

Is there something I need to do when I removed and re-inserted my CPU ?

Any help is appreciated !


I would pull the cpu again and look for bent pins...

I assume you know about the notch on the cpu and only supposed to go in ONE WAY..

Hey, hang on here!

The very first thing to try is resetting CMOS!

Remove the CMOS battery, with the power doisconnected of course, and replace it after waiting for several minutes for the CMOS memory to be cleared. That will set everything back to defaults.

It is a basic troubleshooting procedure to carry out when your system does not POST.

We also need a description of those beeps. How many, how long or short, etc etc.

Hello, everyone! This is my first post.
I have a problem similar to johnwong11. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron running XP, and it will not properly boot. All it will do after POST and the "Starting Windows" spash screen is to load the cursor onto a blank screen. I can move the cursor, but nothing happens.
This started after I attempted to clean up spyware that snuck onto the machine. I can't even load Safe Mode, and the CD may or may not load, because I can't see the screen. Is there anything I can do to access my laptop?

Hi Icarus_Night.

That is not the same problem at all. It is a Windows problem you have. Please repost as a new topic in the Windows XP section and we'll see if people there can help you to locate and fix the reason why Windows is not successfully loading on your system.

Thanks for the direction, Catweazle. :o I hope someone there can help.

Hi The beeping can tell you what it going on with your motherboard. Usually you hear a series of beeps like one beep the three beeps a pause and three more beeps and so on. What is your motherboard and the beeps is one thing you might want to find out.

Next you stated that you added a new video card. With out refreshing your BIOS it may be the problem of not receiving the Video.

Best way is to make sure that the video card is being reconized in the BIOS.

Peter if you lost sound it may be as simple as removing your sound driver and allow it to reinstall upon start up. Make sure that there are no duplicate drivers in safe mode. Usually drivers tend to duplicate when you remove them from the motherboard or that the orginal setting in Bios is set to an onboard or back to factory specifications.

Hope this helps Guys


You might try resetting your bios by removing the battery for about 6 seconds and restarting the computer.

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