Hi there,

Thankyou for your warm welcoming email. I am 50 years young, and live in Victoria.

I am a breeder/exhibitor of Burmese and Tonkinese cats. I run a family business with my husband Vince, which is a Motor Vehicle Assessing firm, between work (at home) and our cats, we don't have much time for ourselves.

I came across this site purely because I need help, but dont know how to find or ask for it, as I feel pretty stupid.

Oh well I will browse some more for answers, if not I will post to a forum....:icon_rolleyes:

Kindest Cheers DeeDee =^..^=

Welcome to Daniweb!What exactly is your problem?There are categories here to help you find your solution to your IT related concern..ust keep broesing,ok?gud day..

Hi DeeDee, welcome to DaniWeb from a fellow cat lover. We have just reserved three kittens, brothers, after visiting the local RSPCA re-homing shelter. We were planning on an adult cat to replace Molly who died, age 16, and whose company we had enjoyed since she was 10 weeks old. But then we got smitten by these kittens, and we couldn't bear to separate them...