Hello everyone, My name is Danny but you can call me Vicio. I'm fully interested in IT in general. Here is a little bit about me:

I'm from Argentina, and had lived in Chicagoland for about 6 years. I came in the year 2001 for a better life and is working quite well so far.

I always liked computers and technology in general. I'm a big fan of the Open-source O.S.'s as well as System Security. I also like electronic dance music, and as a big fan I plan to buy some DJ equipment to experiment a little bit.

I am recently a freshmen at DeVry University persuing a Bachelor's degree in CIS (Computer Information Systems). I plan to be a system analyst, or catching intruders online (Computer Forensics). I truly believe in chance and I think everything and whatever we think can be made if we put effort and knowledge to it.

I found this website trying to get a at-home job making websites or internet research and I found it to be the right place to me. I hope I am a big help for some and be helped as well. I like the wide category in IT in this forum, it has exactly what I was looking for and beyond.

Thank you for your warm welcome, and I hope to have a pleasant time with you guys,



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Hi I am Diviana
I am a lot of things a Performer/Model/DesignerHostess and promoter.
I am from NYC but live in CT with my guy and 5 cats we adopted..

I love readin so the pc takes away from that I ry not to be on here forever lols. I enjoy alot of differen interests ( Reding, cokking, walking/hiking, travel, craftwork)

I am into classical, opera, ambient, industrial, electronica and all forms of Rock music . I also desig/sew stage wear n dance cotumes, home dec and create all tpe of craftwork . I am preparing to open my own store.
I been on the net since 2001.
I am learning s much as I can about web design and now posting video, flash and other things to improve my web sites for promotion..

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