Hello everyone, My name is Danny but you can call me Vicio. I'm fully interested in IT in general. Here is a little bit about me:

I'm from Argentina, and had lived in Chicagoland for about 6 years. I came in the year 2001 for a better life and is working quite well so far.

I always liked computers and technology in general. I'm a big fan of the Open-source O.S.'s as well as System Security. I also like electronic dance music, and as a big fan I plan to buy some DJ equipment to experiment a little bit.

I am recently a freshmen at DeVry University persuing a Bachelor's degree in CIS (Computer Information Systems). I plan to be a system analyst, or catching intruders online (Computer Forensics). I truly believe in chance and I think everything and whatever we think can be made if we put effort and knowledge to it.

I found this website trying to get a at-home job making websites or internet research and I found it to be the right place to me. I hope I am a big help for some and be helped as well. I like the wide category in IT in this forum, it has exactly what I was looking for and beyond.

Thank you for your warm welcome, and I hope to have a pleasant time with you guys,



Welcome. I like opensource too. I hope you enjoy daniweb!

Hi Danny/Vicio, welcome to DaniWeb.

Hi I am Diviana
I am a lot of things a Performer/Model/DesignerHostess and promoter.
I am from NYC but live in CT with my guy and 5 cats we adopted..

I love readin so the pc takes away from that I ry not to be on here forever lols. I enjoy alot of differen interests ( Reding, cokking, walking/hiking, travel, craftwork)

I am into classical, opera, ambient, industrial, electronica and all forms of Rock music . I also desig/sew stage wear n dance cotumes, home dec and create all tpe of craftwork . I am preparing to open my own store.
I been on the net since 2001.
I am learning s much as I can about web design and now posting video, flash and other things to improve my web sites for promotion..


You should have really made your own thread though, rather than hopping onto this one ;)