PCIiQ is a supposedly serious and high quality test that asks you questions about computers, software, and hardware. Then it determines your Iq in terms of Computer knowledge. It's actually the most interesting test I have ever taken, and I would suggest that anyone here interested and knowledgable in computers to take it. (Hyperbyte *cough cough*) There are 3 sets of tests: The short 10 question one, the medium 25 question one, and the long 60 question one.

Some questions are:

A firewire is A/an:
What is a search engine?
Versions of Intel's Pentium 4 CPUs can be fitted into all of the following sockets except:
RAID is a/an:
Which would have the largest file size?



I took the MINI test (10 Ques) and got 80%

Good Luck!!!

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A bit miffed that I got 9/10 on the mini test as I was pretty darn sure I hit 100%, so did the standard test and got 56/60 which I am pretty pleased with.


:surprised 50/60 - 83% but there was a crappy question that said:

In the context of the Internet, what is a hotspot?

and it meant the wifi version but in reality the answer could also have correctly been an area of an image that acts as a hyeperlink

also if im in the uk 6th form college system then do i pick high school or college?

also there was another that said:

How can one distinguish an ATA cable from an IDE cable?

and it was about the stripe but size could have been correct..


i think the red stripe means pin1 - also something about it pointing towards the PSU if i remember rightly?

I never use ide much anyway - im resurrecting yet another proliant (scsi) that i got off ebay


I got 8/10 right in the mini test... pretty pleased with myself as I thought I'd get much less. Shan't attempt any of the other tests tho, not until I'm pretty sure I can score over 50%!! Nice site tho

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