Hello. I just registered for DaniWeb today.

I'm 25, from New York, and am a painter/songwriter/writer.

I've been making websites for around 10 years since we first got an internet connection at home. In highschool I had several sites on angelfire.com that were pretty cool at the time.

Since then I've made several webpages for myself, family members, and friends, but I feel like I haven't really learned more or gotten to understand much more than the html I taught myself when I made my first page years ago.

For part time work I've been maintaining an art gallery's webpage that uses php - the designer taught me how to go into the code and change things and I get by ok. We recently hired a company to design a new website including a back end for us so now I basically only have to upload information and images and it gets plopped into our website's new format.

I think this is so cool and want to be able to, well maybe not design a whole interface, but build databases for my own website, and just develop a fuller understanding of what I've found out is mostly PHP and MySQL so that I can make internet stores and photo databases within my own webpages for my various projects.

The problem is, every time I try to dip my toe in to learn PHP or MySQL there always seems to be some missing link for me, like something they assume I already know but I don't. Both my parents worked at IBM for over 30 years, they met there, so there's computer-nerd in my blood but sometimes I think my brain is only made to comprehend html.

As an example, I was always a wiz at algebra, was in the advanced classes in highschool, but then was put in advanced geometry and literally flunked out because I couldn't think in that way.

Anyway, I'm just feeling a little flustered but want to give it another go. I can get by alright with Java but have never really delved in, can anyone recommend some websites or projects I should try to make progress and eventually succeed at PHP and MySQL?

Thank you very much for your time if you've read this far!

I look forward to being a part of the community.


Hi there RebsySue, welcome to DaniWeb - great intro by the way!!!

I made a simple PHP/MySQL CMS, its under 15 files, all nice readable code. Just ask if you want it.

Shows adding/deleting/editing/listing/paging records