Though the swine flu just began hitting the news media on Friday or so, there's already a number of sites and ways to help you keep track of developments (and give you nightmares, frankly, but forewarned is forearmed).

1. A Google Map of reported swine flu cases. It's not perfect -- it looks like there's some duplication -- but it gives you a general idea of where it's been spotted internationally.

2. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention already has a swine flu website up. It's in both English and Spanish and has as much information as the CDC, sponsored by the U.S. government, has on the disease, its spread, and what you can do. You can also sign up for email alerts when the page is updated.

3. You can also follow the CDC on Twitter by following @CDCEmergency. If you really want to get overwhelmed, search for the hashtag #swineflu.

4, 5. There are two Flu Wikis, this one and this one. It isn't clear how they're all that different other than layout, but over time it will probably become more obvious which one is updated more often. The second one appears to make it easier to track developments in different countries.

Also, should a pandemic be declared, it would be the Department of Homeland Security that would be in charge of the plan, though its website doesn't have a specific swine flu page yet.

Good luck and stay healthy.

Or, you can avoid the corporate media circus and get the real news via sites like


Sure, trade the corporate media circus for a tinfoil hat circus at infowars... great plan.


Don't worry. The FEMA camps are waiting for you with their unproven vaccines provided via Biotechs that have complete immunity as a result of "Division-E".

You'll be fine


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