Hi, I am in a lot of social networks and they all seem to use the same script just tweaked a bit. You can add your contacts from your emails straight from the site, and you can "connect" with friends. I have looked at these sites multiple times and it looks like a script that has been tweaked not like someone re inventing the wheel. I am working on a Social Network myself and I would like to know if there is a script out there I could buy and tweak so people can connect or if I have to re-invent the wheel.

drupal seems to be nice but quite difficult to understand without reading there documentation on how to install new mods

Drupal I have considered but as musicbox points out it is diffilcult. I would like it if there are any other suggestions out there or if someone knows how social networks look so much the same I know it has to be a script available somewhere and that each site is not re-inventing the wheel.

Yup I found it is called alstrasoft social networking thanks a ton musicbox!

Check out the "Existing Scripts" forum in the Web Development category for discussions on various content management systems, social networking systems, forum systems, etc.

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