I am trying to sell my software to business - my target consumer being CIOs, IT managers, CSO. Does someone know where it would be best to advertise my products to reach this target audience. i did contact ome tech sites but their advertising rates are very high- minimum being $2000 per month. Could someone kindly let me as how to reach these target audiences in this regard with an ad budget of $500 or less per month. I do run campaigns on adwords sites but I am more interested in getting banner ads placed on relevant tech sites. It will be really great if someone can give me some advice on this.

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At your budget, AdWords is really your best option. You should note that AdWords DOES allow you to do banner advertising and they also allow you to run Site Targeted campaigns, where you can specify sites in the Google AdSense network to run on.

There are few options that are suitable for technology companies. I would be happy to help you with any of them:

- thought leadership - lead generation with white papers, case studies, web casts, podcasts.
- working with us on Pay Per Deal model is a very lucrative option for you. We engage our affiliates to sell for you on commission in a very unique way (both [process ad technology are designed for tech companies and B2B marketing). We will supply you with lead management system as well when we will be setting up your campaign.
- targeted email marketing to decision makers can be another option, a bit costly thou if you pay for lists and impressions. We also do it on Cost per deal terms.

I recommend creating whitepaper in slides format and share it on slideshare with the right keywords. Then, join a few Linkedin groups that you think the members may benefit from your technologies and then share a link to your slides and some information about how the technology helps these potential clients. You may also want to attach these slides to your website so you can track these visitors with your web analytics.

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