Twitter has struck again according to reports. The German elections had their results leaked online, both on Twitter and over the open Internet. In the same week that the UK heard that it was going to have insufficient broadband bandwidth to meet the needs of the Digital Britain initiative, critics in Germany are questioning whether going completely digital is such a good idea anyway,

According to security expert Graham Cluley's blog, for example, Twitter is robbing the German Parliament of its dignity.

This actually relates in a way to one of my blog entries yesterday, in which I say the various deceits and incompetences that crop up have nothing to do with the medium and everything to do with the individual. Once again the Internet, or in this case Twitter, is being criticised because - wait for it - someone leaked some information. They happened to use Twitter as their method of leaking this; they could just as easily have used Facebook or anything else - a conversation in a bar, for all I care. The fact is that an individual, not a technology, is responsible for this error.

Now, if everyone could stop blaming technology and admit it when they've screwed up, we could all move on.

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hank you master A very good article and I will follow the forum constantly. thanks


Yes! I agree... I will also be following... Thats probably why the chinese banned twitter..

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