Hi, Ive recently created a video comunity for runners and we have 100 runners. However I have quickly identified a problem. We had a gold rush to start with as people uploaded content but now its slowed down.

I have decided to host a competition to win a Flip style camera but I was wondering if any one had any good ideas for running such a competition. First and foremost it should help generate some form of content Photos video etc..but secondly and probably more importantly I want it to engage the viewers and get them to pass comments. This commenting process would some how aggregate a winner....I am using the Ning platform so it has various limitations.
If anyone knows how to help I would be most greatfull



I think you should use its manual for its instructions to achieve this competition. You have gathered a community of 100 runners then I think it will serve as an edge for your competition.

Good Luck....

Is that video community is on Youtube? if yes subscribe similar content producers as much you can, this will help you to generate traffic and as well comments.