46% of UK small business has no website


Sometimes you see a press release that's just company puff. Other times you find something you weren't expecting - like the revelation that 46% of the UK's smallest businesses don't have a website, according to 1&1 Internet.

The initial reaction is to start making excuses. If they're very small then maybe they can't spare the time to develop one; I thought that for a moment until recalling that I am myself a one-person business, a freelance journalist, and although it's based on a pre-packaged design my own website at least exists.

There are of course micro businesses that don't need a website. 15 years or so when websites first began my window cleaner asked me whether he should get one; we quickly concluded that he'd be better off spending his time and money on leaflets for local potential customers than putting a website together that might attract interest from areas he had no intention of serving.

There are other examples, though, when it's crazy not to have something online. Two nights ago my wife and I decided to eat Chinese. We have a favourite restaurant so we Googled it and found...no menu. We found another and were able to choose our food online, order it and have it delivered. I'll leave you to guess who got the business that day.

Members of this forum will be well aware that websites don't have to be particularly complex and they don't always have to be transactional, it's really going to depend on what's appropriate to the business. The fact that so many businesses in the UK are missing out is indeed a surprise.

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Author, 'This Is Social Media' (Capstone Publishing 2009); freelance journalist in the UK for the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent and others.

jennypitts 3 Junior Poster

The truth is that whether it is in England, Ireland or even here in the USA, most small business do not have the need for a website, can afford the maintenance of one or even think they will benefit at all from it.

As for you forkhyun, I think you are posting your link or AD in the wrong part of the forum. If you want to advertise your webpage services you need to go to the Business Exchange section of the forum.

stellarios 0 Newbie Poster

In the Philippines, small businesses actually get more sales from their websites. Its the exact opposite, if I may say. IMO, having a website has many benefits even in a small business.

anoopWebtech 0 Newbie Poster

in india; now the market is fastly moving to online....
mobile internet is a major factor on that....and it's very useful for lazy peoples.....

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