How email marketing is helping in search engine optimization? I mean i know about business through emails but how does it affect to the website?

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IMO, the email marketing is not much useful in SEO. Most of the times it gives spam results if not done carefully.

Email marketing would come after SEO, it is a way to capture visitors and guests into a list. It is very cost effective when done right.

Email marketing could drive traffic to your site as well but not as much compare to proper backlinking and other SEO method. But if you happen to have a huge list, you'll also increase the percentage of costumers that might be interested with the product you are trying to promote.


Alternatively rss feed subscription based marketing can give you more SEO leverage.

email marketing is losing its popularity n I think the next big thing is juss the rss feed subscription that's for sure

Email marketing is helpful in driving traffic to a site and getting potential customers, but it doesn't help in improving the site ranking.

Email marketing without subscription based is mostly considered spam and it annoy recipients.

it helps only for building you traffic and it's highly rescue due spamming,and it does nothing about Seo.

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