My site receives about 10,000 unique visitors / 40,000 page views a day, but I recently got denied by TribalFusion, Casale Media, and ValueClick Media. I desperately want to get accepted by a Pay Per Impression publishing company. I'm currently only using Google Adsense and WidgetBucks but my eCPM is only about $0.35. Can anyone recommend any changes to my site or any other Pay Per Impression companies to try? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hello Friend,

u should read their guidelines. I think your site may contain data that may be not appropriate for them. So plz read it carefully and then u will be accepted. Your visitors are really high??

I am also working on my new project

I get about 1000 pageviews per day and am making literally no money with my ads. Should I be?

Depending on what your website is about, 1000 pageviews per day could generate you anywhere from $20 to $200 per month. Probably on the lower end of that.

it is a humor site. do you have any good suggestions about which programs I should use/ how I can optimize my profits? Thanks so much.

I would suggest adding a few affiliate offers to your website. You will make more $

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