Apple developing cloud music community?

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The news - or rather unsubstantiated reports - that Apple is developing an online, cloud version of iTunes can be no surprise to anyone. The surprise, in the light of Spotify, Sky Songs and other competitors is that Apple hasn't made a move before.

You could actually argue that the company has been slow on the uptake this time. Uncharacteristically, Apple has failed in a big way to update its store more or less since it started. Yes of course it now has videos and movies which it's only had for a couple of years, and by all means the app stores are doing well in every territory.

But the biggest thing in technology recently has been social networking. This is why I've put the headline above - Apple is extending its store into the cloud, yada yada, so is everyone else, that's not a big thing. But Apple tends to do things bigger than most. It takes an existing idea - MP3 player, music phone - and makes it simpler.

That's why, if this cloud story is true, I'd like to see a lot more than a cloud store which remains just a shop. If I go to the iTunes store and search for, say, Paul McCartney (I know, I'm getting old, but he's still had more hits than most younger musicians) I want to be able to listen to his music of course but I'd also like to be able to get information on when he's touring, maybe buy tickets if I win the Lottery, perhaps chat with some like-minded fans.

All of this is beyond what's on any of the major online music stores at the moment. This I find bewildering because it's the way consumers have been moving for some time - just about everything's moving towards some sort of social element now, and music fans are a prime target for this sort of approach.

So Apple, how about it - is it time for a WeTunes rather than iTunes store when you put your next iteration together..?

News of the proposals which appear to exist other than in my head is in the Daily Telegraph in the UK.

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This is a new and an amazing concept introduced by apple...this may attract a large number of customers as Apple makes it easy for them..

GuyClapperton 12 Staff Writer

Read the post again - this is a new and amazing concept introduced by me, not Apple. Apple appears to be planning a really basic online store with streaming as well as downloading. Personally I think there needs to be more, but we'll see what they do when there's an official announcement.

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