YouTube Offers 15 Minutes of Fame

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Artist Andy Warhol declared in 1968, "In the future , everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." And now YouTube's working to make that a little more possible.

The popular video site is increasing its limits on the size of uploaded videos from 10 minutes to 15. Joshua Siegel, Product Manager for Upload and Video Management, explained in a blog post that an increase in upload length has been the most requested feature by YouTube users. He cited improvements in the site Content ID system as making the change possible. The Content ID system is designed to detect copyright violations.

To celebrate, YouTube is asking users to upload 15 minute videos celebrating the change. Videos tagged with "yt15minutes' that are uploaded by Wednesday, August 4, will be eligible to be chosen to be featured in a spotlight on the YouTube site.


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I have see the video and it has very clear info about online video thanks for sharing here thank :)

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