I received an email from one of my friends in reply to my Facebook mail telling them that I am deleting my account. What was so interesting was that, they too want to delete their facebook account, but the site has become so complex that they have no clue how.

I am sure my friend isn't the only one who may feel this way, so I have decided to write a very easy to understand news story so you too can get rid of your Facebook page.

Log-in to your Facebook profile, and then look at the upper right top corner of the screen where it says Account. Click the words account and now you have a long drop down list. click the words account settings. Great, you are almost rid of your Facebook account! You will see a long list of tabs, settings,networks, notifications,etc. By default you should automatically be in the settings tab, if you are the words settings will have a blue highlighted background. That is where you need to be, so if you are already there, good! Don't let all of the choices on this page bewilder you just look to the very bottom where it says deactivate account and click those words. Now it will try to guilt trip you into staying with Facebook by saying your friends will miss you, don't fall for it. Most people don't even know most of their Facebook friends. Now Facebook wants you to tell them why you are leaving, this is required if you want to delete your account. Once you've told them why you are divorcing them, check the box where it says Opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook. If you do this, this doesn't stop your friends from tagging you in pictures, asking you to join groups, etc, you just won't receive emails about it.

Now to finish divorcing facebook hit the big blue button at the very bottom that says Deactivate my account. It will now ask for you to confirm your password before you can get rid of it. Once you have typed in your password, hit confirm. Now you have to type in two words from a captcha, also known as ink-blot words. Once you type in the words your account has been deactivated and you may re-activate it at anytime.

I would advise not to reactivate it, but that's up to you. You probably feel that if you delete your account, you won't have a social network. Well, there are plenty of social networks on the web, but most of them are Facebook or Myspace copies and don't have much respect for privacy. That should change soon. I hope that this has helped your divorce with Facebook go much easier than you thought it would have.

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This reminds me of the southpark "You have 0 friends" episode. I deleted my bebo social network because it was crummy, but I enjoy the control you DO have over facebook and the standard profile that keeps things neat, I dislike the apps that cause other people to post on your feed but apart from that I don't have any qualms.

Do you see facebook becoming a major threat to your privacy more than say Google?

FaceBook sucks people are getting arrested over it

why do u need to leave off facebook? use it in right way to get more traffic for your sites.

the problem is in...hmm..how to say...self control over FB! You should control its usage, if you feel that you become addicted, try to figure out why, what keeps you on it 24/7, ect. But did you guys noticed those explanations like why you are going to delete your account?? It's really funny "I don't understand how to use Facebook", or "I don't find Facebook useful", or "I don't feel safe on Facebook". But my fav are "This is temporary. I'll be back" and those pics on the top of page of your friends with sayings like "Martin will miss you" :) hahaha

Apparantly people haven't read the terms of facebook. It is a major threat to your privacy and already outweighs Google as a threat. Anything you post, including personal pictures they may use however they well please, because they own the IP rights. Also anything anyone posts, like for instance let's say you were on a movie site and "liked" the movie Batman. Well it is posted to your facebook profile, but now facebook owns the IP of the name Batman. I read the terms very literally. If you don't read terms of agreements literally, well than your foolish because those terms are written by lawyers and are meant the way they are written.

As Ozzzo says, self control. You cannot idly transfer IP's simply by posting something about it on facebook otherwise people would be posting IP's that are not theirs to make other people lose their patents. You also are protected by copyright, anything that uses your image (picture of you), regardless of the IP owner, you can request that anything they have done with your photos is unlawful and have it reversed.

commented: Thanks for your IP info. +3

Liamfriel, You do have a lot of good points about who owns the rights to IP, however isn't Facebook infringing on that right by automatically saying they own anything that's posted? The creator of Batman still has the right of the IP of batman, but since facebook says anything you post becomes their IP, aren't they infringing on the creators rights? I've been weary of using sharethis for my site even though I have some cool stuff to show off, because of facebooks IP terms.

I have read a lot of EULAS, Terms and services, yet I have never seen one as intrusive like facebook is. All the other sites that "claim" ownership of anything you post will delete pictures that are owned by someone else and not by the person who uploaded them. Facebook seems to encourage people to upload stuff that does not belong to them, well that's how I see it anyways.

Also I never spent a lot of time on there, I just hated their rules and what they can do with your information.

Many companies are now changing their strategy to advertise on twitter and facebook. In terms of facebook we must look at what they want to do with that data, they want to target advertising like google. I don't forsee them sharing that data as they would lose the marketing edge having our information gives them. Most people are ignorant to the amount of data facebook gathers because they don't see any physical reflection of what facebook do with their data.

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