I have a quick question. I want to start a social networking site but haven't the foggiest clue how to do it. So I want something real easy, something my grandmother could figure out.

Now, I know I'm going to need some kind of software for this and being the miserly old bastrard I am, I obviously want to put this online for free either by: Open Source, free software, third party or any other way as long as it is, for free. That's just how cheap I am. If I can get this done for free, I'm a happy hockey fan.

So, whatcha' y'all think? Anybody have a suggestion? It's almost St Patty's day and although I am not Irish I do have a little Scotch in me (that's what makes me so cheap). Anybody anybody????

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Canada Fred - I love it!! You are satirizing the popular threads here. Genius!!!

I am? lol, that's great! (I guess I better start digging in the archives then)

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