Google has just released their new Advertising program which works with your currently existing Ad Sense account. Google's new advertising program is called Google Ad Manager, and it is currently available in 32 languages!

I had to get a Google Ad Manager account the second I heard about it and it is so much better then Google Ad Sense. It gives you a lot more control over what ads are on your site, and what size they are. You can let advertisers compete for your ad space. You get to set how much an ad has to cost to show up on your site by CPM or CPC .

Google Ad Manager has a lot of cool new features one of them allows you to customize exactly what type of ads your customers see. You can use code to tell it how old people have to be to see certain ads and where the ad will be placed on your site.

One feature that is brand new to Google all together is the ordering feature. This allows you to decide when certain advertisers, and or agencies get to advertise on your site. You can also turn it off if you want for the weekend.

The only problem with Google Ad Manager is you can't log in via Firefox but I am sure they will fix that soon.

I think Google Ad Manager is going to be a very profitable advertising feature. Because of all the customization that they allow, I think this will be the most powerful ad revenue program around.

Read googles blog for more info. And start Google Ad manager now by Google Ad Manager