AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing which one is better?

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Test them both out and see which converts better for you. In my industry, at least (tech), AdWords can deliver more traffic but there is also more competition with certain keywords. I believe Yahoo! also has a higher minimum cost per click. AdWords also has the whole AdSense side which is more robust than the Yahoo! publisher network. But it's all about return on investment ... so you never know until you try.

If I were just starting out, I would test Yahoo first because it is easier to get your ads on the Yahoo search engine.

Google AdWords can deliver a lot of traffic, but their "quality score" formula makes it difficult for some people to get their ads shown on Google.

Make sure you have a good stats program so you will know what the traffic does once it enters your site.

Google has better geo-targeting abilities than Yahoo! So if your target audience is outside Europe and the US, then I believe Google is the way to go.

AdWords is the route to go. I agree with what mauconline posted.

I believe that adwords can deliver a lot of traffic, but you shouldn't stop researching for other methods, try experimenting its worth a try..

Adwords is the best one as for as concerned me..

I have been using both Google adword and yahoo search marketing for years. The thing which exactly matters is the ROI.
The search engine performance depends on what type of product/ service you are marketing.
I observed that google adwords is giving more ROI(atleast in technology business) then yahoo. In yahoo the CPC are comparatively low than Google adwords.

One more thinng I wann add. most of the advertiser don't want to go much for yahoo search marketing because yahoo's reach in pay per click marketing is less and the advertising platform is soo complicated.



In this recession time both google adword and YSM suck.

Adword becoming just more competitive so you may find rate differences from others, however as far as content matching is concerned Google shows more natural results than Yahoo! Search Marketing, this is just my personal view which may differ from others.

We use both extensively. Some phrases are just too expensive for us in Google, so sometimes we get more traffic from Yahoo for certain campaigns. But typically we get about 3x the traffic from Google as we do Yahoo.

I think both are same, Both have big traffic

absolutely GOOGLE NO. 1

Adwords is the answer. To be frank there is no competition between yahoo and google as google is way ahead.

AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing which one is better?

AdWords will give you higher search volume and is a good B2B market, generally somewhat younger demographic;

Yahoo is much lower search volume in the US, but has a better B2C market than google, much older demographic generally.

May want to experiment with both at some point. Track your conversions to see where your ROI is.

niche dependent an your own efforts also count
but adwords is more profitable for me

My experience is that both are very good search engines, google obviously having the largest reach available, which yahoo is less. Yahoo however I have seen many companies have much higher conversion rates there as opposed to google, especially in ecommerce.

Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

When you take a look at the status and marketing procedures used fo the top Google ranking websites especially in competitive niches like, Hosting, Domain Registration and SEO, you would find nearly all of the sites also using Google AdWords as it still remains among the powerful traffic pushing plans.

I will vote Google adwords!

IMO, they provide excellent intelligence about the type, number and profitability of searches which can then be used for SEO purposes.

Google AdWords is one of the most readily measurable types of advertising available. The amount of data about your campaign available through Google AdWords reporting is incredible.

This enables the precise tracking of the effectiveness of each search phrase in your campaign. It is easy to determine what the most frequently searched phrases are, what the highest converting (conversion from visitor to lead for example) search phrases are, and what the most profitable search phrases are.

I ll move to google adwords......

Now that Bing is in the picture, will advertisers flock to advertise on Bing instead of Yahoo or even Google? Or is it too new to say?

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