Are you all seeing changes in Google PR today? It looks like today is the update.
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I haven't seen any change on my websites

I haven't seen any change on my websites

Sorry. They don't always change. Most people have reported changes.
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Sometimes, it might be natural seeing some temporary changes in the Google data centers and after a few days, the results can better be felt.

I think it takes time before Pr settles

Yes, waiting a few days to a week or so would be a good idea. There are websites that can check PR too.

I've been running my sites for a couple of months and collecting repro backlinks and also thru some dummy sites, but my pagerank is still zero. What can I do to raise my pagerank? I can't sign-up to any paid review because of this zero pagerank. What should I do?

now I'm trying to get link exchange manually by contacting some blogs related to my topics.

No change to the PR of my existing pages but newly created pages have PR finally.

It seems as though most people I have spoken to, this was a pretty generous PR update. Many are happy with the results. The last one at the end of 07 was brutal to many.

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