Has anybody contributed to Google Co-Op by way of adding "labels" using the Google Marker?

I just started diving a little deeper into this feature, but I'm not sure if my submissions are going through because in my account when I go into edit my contributions, under "Labeled Sites" it says:

You have not included any sites

Any help?

I've never heard of this feature?

Google Co-Op is interesting to users for two main reasons:

  • Google Co-Op allows users to contribute information that will help Google to improve search results for everyone.
  • Google Co-Op allows an end-user to customize their own search experience. Users do this by "subscribing" to sites that they consider trusted, and then Google prioritizes the placement of these sites in relevant search results for that user.

The Google Co-Op program is currently in beta-test by Google. All that is required to participate in the beta-test program is a Google account. Google has already publicly indicated that Google intends to use the Google Co-Op program to improve its search results, through the leveraging of social web and social search concepts. Google Co-op consists of two things:

  1. Topics, which are simply a means of labeling web content
  2. Subscribed links, which are a means for users to subscribe to a particular web site's content

Topics provide users and webmasters with the ability to:

  1. Create an entire categorization or labeling scheme
  2. Provide labels for web content, which Google calls annotations