obviously before placing ones website online one can optimize his own pages on the website so that search engines will see it better. But how to do it? SEO is a complex of actions and methods. there’s this www.besiders.com . I’ve also heard they do Arabic SEO!

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Yes SEO has an official Arabic partner which goes to an IT company from UAE but i don't think seo is hard to config specially there is alot of articals about it plus the support site !!

Yea well,if they are Doing Arabic SEO but i found, there is one big mistske on their's site.

if you know them so you can inform .

I've checked their's site so there is No Title Tag, Meta description and Meta keywods in site. yhey've uploaded only Besiders in every pages.

and i think, Title tags and Description are very important in site.

Best of luck.



They Are Busy With Another projects They Are Already Know About This Mistakes , soon They Will Correct It I Toled Him.

Also I Would Like TO Say SEO IS Not Easy Job IT Takes Time May Be 4 Month's To Get Good Result , This Job Never End ! Believe Me Its Very Hard Job And Need Expert Person To Done It ! And Yes You Can Learn SEO But Also IT Takes Times May Be ! year May 2 Years OR More !



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