Facebook has got in the way of Google and acquired Friendfeed.

This is not great news for Google. The search giant has one major chink in its armour; you can't search social media in real time. Once entries have been around for a while you can find stuff; I've certainly turned up Tweets from Twitter with obscure searches on Google, but they've been from days before rather than five minutes before.

As a journalist I could do with more up to the minute information because that's the way it's being written/created at the moment. Google couldn't have foreseen this when it started up, but it now needs to address that need.

And now someone else has bought the obvious solution, Friendfeed. Google had better be planning something pretty impressive very soon - it's a clear market leader and it's almost impossible to think of searches without it, but they were around before it existed and it can be unseated at the top.

We're waiting, Google - what you got?

i don't think it's bad news for google