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i would be interested to know how others do?
i get very little organic,and would like to increase this.

Organic traffic wont come just like that, it takes time.
Months and Years, just keep working on content :)


Since optimizing my site back in May, I get about 60 - 70 percent of organic traffic from Google. Before that it was only about 25 percent. What type of things are you doing to help optimize your site?


92% of my traffic comes from Google's organic serps. It averages out to almost 200,000 visitors a day. Talk about keeping all your eggs in one basket. It's all G too ... other search engines send me close to nothing.


I love the organic traffic from Google, and I hope it never stops. The more great content you have, and keywords to suit, the more traffic you will get.

If you just keep adding content to your site you will notice the same increase with everything else also.. Even your earnings.

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